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Poquoson in the news...
     Poquoson's misdirection befuddles Phoebus, but not enough
The Poquoson Islanders proved masters of misdirection against Phoebus on Saturday.

While the Phantoms (12-1) pulled out a late 31-24 victory at Darling Stadium, the Islanders’ trickery kept the Phoebus defense off-balance throughout the game.

Poquoson (10-3) played its best when it dangled tantalizing fake handoffs and blocks and waited for the Phantoms to bite. While the Phoebus defense has been a steady presence all year, the Islanders sold their plays well and at times left Phoebus grasping at air.

“If you’re in the backfield and you’re not ready, you’ll be spinning on the field,” Phoebus coach Jeremy Blunt said.

“Phoebus was either fast and got upfield and got penetration and we lose a few yards, or we can pop one,” Poquoson coach Elliott Duty said. “Once you get through that first line, you can get 8-to-10 yards.”

As the game went on, though, Phoebus adjusted, and more often the Phantoms caught the Islanders before a dangerous play could develop, allowing Phoebus to climb back into the game and take an overtime win.
  -[read the full story]-

   Daily Press      Saturday - November 29, 2015

     Poquoson's Nate Ward recovering from head injury, moving on from football
As Nate Ward describes the denial, frustration and, finally, acceptance that the head trauma he suffered in a Poquoson High School football game in September ended his playing career, he sounds like someone lamenting the loss of a loved one.

And in a large sense he is. Without football, Ward is missing a piece of his identity and one of the things he's loved the most - and longest.

He recovered a fumble on his first football play as a 6 year old with the Poquoson Mighty Mites, wearing a white T-shirt with his name and number stenciled on it with a Sharpie because the team jersey hadn't arrived.

His final football play was a 14-yard touchdown run in Poquoson's 56-0 win over Jamestown on Sept. 17, minutes after his head slammed into the turf on a tackle at the end of a long run.

Ward experienced no cognitive impairment and says academics are coming to him more easily every day. The only cloud has been dealing with that lost sense of identity football gave him.

"I didn't think about it much at first, and when they played York (on Sept. 24) I was still in denial," Ward said. "It wasn't until the Warhill game (Oct. 8) that I felt I couldn't help the team anymore.

"I hadn't read the (Sept. 19 Daily Press) newspaper article (which noted that he would likely never play again) until a few weeks later. That made it really sink in.

Ward is learning that while he'll always love football, it's not all that he is.

"I've learned that football isn't everything," Ward said. "There's a whole other part of me.
  -[read the full story]-

   Daily Press      Wednesday - November 25, 2015

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